Monday, November 08, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 13 - Taste, Baked Goods, & Electricity

Those just happen to be the things that I was thinking about today & thanked God for.  Taste... those delicious pumpkin scones, the spicy veggie soup I've been making for our 'soup diet', and the gumbo I'm gonna make tomorrow.  I think God must have had fun when He was creating things for us to eat!  BTW, the scones turned out delicious!  Better than the Starbucks scone we had, even though it was supposedly the same recipe.  Ours is much moister & didn't crumble.  I wonder how old that one was we ate at SB?  Anyway, here's the recipe so you can try them yourself.

Our electricity went out for a while tonight.  Doing without always makes me more more thankful.  I was working on my article for Green Craft when it went out.  Will I ever learn to save as I go?  Probably not.  Now that I think about it, I don't remember blogging about this article.  They're going to publish an article about my measuring tape bracelets!  The ones in the photo below are the ones I sent them.  I did post photos of some others back in October.  I have some in my Etsy shop & others will be in my space at Room With A Past next weekend. 
What are you thankful for today?  Don't forget to go back to the original post & leave a link to your blog.

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Linda said...

Sounds lovely. I tried out some American baking one year, had a lovely time, even bought some imported pie spice.

In Australia pumpkin scones were made famous by a politician's wife. A little different to American styled ones.

My Nana used to make a bar that really was American styled, this was years ago, it is very yummy.

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