Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some New Bracelets & 30 Days of Thanksgiving Starts Tomorrow!!!

 I picked up the jewelry that didn't sell in the shop yesterday and started putting a few things in my Etsy shop.  I've made these measuring tape bracelets with several tapes so far.    I only have two examples left right now.  The tape above was sent to me in a vintage swap.  When I received it I was making some velvet ribbon bookmarks that I saw in Somerset Life.  I realized that the tape would fit my ribbon crimps then I added these rhinestone trims that I bought at an estate sale.  I would love to find more of both the measuring tape & the rhinestones.

Here are more bracelets:
Tomorrow is the big day... Day ONE of "30 Days of Thanksgiving".  I'll be "redecorating" my blog later today.  And here's the button if you want to grab it for your blog:


Aunt Barb said...

Ann - I am a newbie to Somerset magazines - I love them. I went to the post of the Velvet Bookmarks - lovely is all I can say. Can you tell me....is it just a strip of ribbon or is there something that adheres to the back for more stability? They are precious.
Love your blog!

Karin said...

I LOve those measuring tape bracelets.

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