Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Tutorial #4: Thanksgiving Ticket Banner

Today I'm thankful for my nephew, David, and computer technology.  Specifically, Skype.  Hi, David!!!  We downloaded Skype right before Lauren went off to college & I think it's helped our transition.  Thanks to her Mac book and a wireless connection, she's taken us on a tour of her campus and even played charades and met her boyfriend.  And recently we've talked to my 4yo nephew and he showed me the spiders he made with the kit I sent him.  So today I'm sending him another kit to make a Thanksgiving ticket banner.  Here's what it will look like finished:

Here's what's in the kit:  blank orange tickets, seam binding, and letters.
I'm listing a kit in my Etsy shop, but you can easily make this on your own.  The first step will be to print out the letters on cardstock from your computer.  Use your favorite font.  Then punch out each letter.  I used a 1" scalloped circle to fit the tickets.  (Believe it or not I recently had someone ask me how I got the little circles through my computer printer.  So, I'll reemphasis -- print the letters FIRST, then punch.)Now there are several ways you can attach the letters.  I used a stapler to attach everything - letters to tickets & tickets to seam binding.  David could probably handle a glue stick to glue the letters onto the tickets easier than a stapler.  If you didn't want to staple the tickets to the seam binding you could punch holes in the top of each ticket & thread them on.

Here's a close up:I also sprayed a little color onto the seam binding, wadded it up, and let it dry before I stapled the letters.  You can skip this step, too, if you want.

If you make this let me know.  I'd love to see a picture and will even post a link to  your blog.  


onemotherslove said...

David says, "It looks fun!"

onemotherslove said...

David used a glue stick to attach the letters to the tickets today. If I knew where my hole punch was we'd thread them on the ribbon. HAPPY THANKSGIVING was almost too many letters for his attention span. GIVE THANKS might have been a better preschool project! : ) We still had fun. I took pictures. Maybe we'll string it tomorrow.

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