Monday, September 29, 2008

Tutorial #3: Halloween Accordion Books

We've been having fun making some accordion books for Halloween photos.  I've made a few for swaps & friends and I might even list some on Etsy later.  These are really easy to make and can be decorated for any holiday or event.

All you need is 2 sheets of 2-sided scrapbook paper, glue stick, and whatever you want to use to decorate your book with.  

Cut your paper into 4" wide strips.  You can make a complete book out of just one sheet of paper but I like the variety when you use 2 different designs.
You'll have 3 pieces - 4" x 12".  Fold them in half.  The finished book will be 4" x 6".
Arrange the papers so that the middle paper overlaps half of the 2 outside papers.  Use your glue stick to stick the two pages together but (VERY IMPORTANT!) only glue the bottom and side edges.  This will leave a pocket for you to add more photos, tags, or journalling.  
Cut a notch out of the top of the pocket with a round punch.
Now for the fun part -- decorate!  There are no rules to this part of the tutorial.  Do whatever you want.  I usually would have inked the edges a lot more but I made this one for someone who doesn't like that "dirty" look.

I used lots of my bat punches, scalloped circles, and Halloween tickets.

Here are a couple more unfinished covers.  I thought I'd taken more photos of my other completed books.  I'll post more when I find them or take more photos.

Here's our mess:


Grandpa said...

Where does the "mess" disappear to at meal time?

Jordann said...

it doesn't... we eat in the living room then. :)

Karin said...

So adorable!! I love accordian books......

Dylan said...

Excellent job..! Thanks for the tutorial for Halloween accordion books.

Angie said...

I wish I had time to get into paper crafting. Maybe when I clone myself! Very cute book!

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