Sunday, June 12, 2011

And the winner is... (Plus our hike for the Relay)

 Thanks to everyone who donated to our team for the Relay for Life.  We raised over $500 for the American Cancer Society!

I just drew a name from the list of donors to win one of my necklaces (see the last post).  And the winner is...

...Patricia Place!!!

I'll be contacting her, getting her mailing address, and sending this off to her this week.

Thanks to everyone who donated, walked, or helped in some other way!!!

We couldn't make it back to Texas for the relay so the California portion of the team was allowed to walk here.  I first thought about walking a track like the rest of the team, then the park, then Lauren wanted to hike up Mt. Diablo.  

Last week Glenn watched an episode of "Best of the Bay" where they listed the best beaches in the Bay Area.  One of the beaches was a beach with a waterfall right onto the sand... Alamere Falls.  So we set off to find it.

The hike started out along the coast (see Jo in the first photo) and then moved inland under the redwoods.
That's where we met this little guy -- a banana slug.  These are popular at science camp.  The kids dare each other to lick them.  Not sure why... anyone know?

I almost stepped on this one but I didn't lick it.

 After a two-hour hike we made it to the cliff where the falls start.  We stopped for lunch then climbed down the first cliff.  It wasn't too bad.  Here you can see me & Glenn coming down.  
The view was worth the hike!  There were three falls at this level.  But then an even steeper cliff went down to the beach.  We started but Glenn & I decided that even though we probably could do it, we probably shouldn't do it.  :-)

So the girls went down without us & took a picture of us at the top of the falls. 

I think we're all a little sore today but it was a great hike and a fun day with family & even met a few people along the trail.


Marydon said...

Congrats on your fund raiser. And to the lucky winner of your giveaway. What a fabulous effort for a great cause.

Love the pictures of your hike, just beautiful.

Have a beautiful week.

Grandpa said...

I wonder if I could drive that trail in my golf car?

Kimber said...

when you lick a slug they make your tongue go numb for a while! There a bit slimy but as a 6th grader it was fun and as a 36 year old, I would have my 6th grade daughter try! But now I am too old and not trying to impress friends with silly dares!
love the picks of your shop! God bless

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