Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is one of my neighbors at Room With a Past.  And one of my FAVORITE spaces there!  I don't know if she was completely set up when I was there but it looked so great I wanted to take some photos.  I asked her if I could share & she said "Sure!"

Remember back when I collected cheese graters?  It's hard to tell, but she's using the one in this photo to hold earrings.  What a fun idea!
 She's got some great furniture this month, too.
 Here's the corner right across from me.  I love the colors she's using this month.
And of course I still love books. 

BTW, I took all these photos on my new iPhone & posted them without any editing.  What do you think? 

And here are a couple more pieces that will be on my shelves.  This is made from a vintage pink chandelier crystal.
This one is clear & I think I added a bead to it after she took the photo.

The shop opens Thursday evening at 6:00.  You can get all the hours, times, & location on the website.

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