Monday, February 14, 2011

Fancy Bracelets & I'm Consignor of the Month

My sister said they're getting fancy!  These are all made from the old measuring tapes but with lots of shiny bling!  We displayed them on this fancy platter in Room With A Past this weekend.  Yes, it's going to be opened this weekend - starting Thursday night!  And, guess what?  I'm Consignor of the Month!!!  Go to the RWAP website & scroll down to see me.
While looking for a photo for Jan to use on the RWAP website I realized that I don't have many photos of me.  I'm usually taking them.  And the ones I have of me are usually still ones that I take - you  know my 'famous' photos of me & Glenn!  Since we ended up using a photo that had included my new niece but they cropped her out, I thought I'd share the complete photo here.  I know everyone wants to see the cute baby!


onemotherslove said...

Aw! And it's a beautiful picture of Aunt Sissy! My pictures from that day turned out with you looking beautiful, too! : )

Great blurb on the RWAP website, too! Congratulations!

Torrie said...

I LOVE your tape measure bracelets! I bought the GreenCraft magazine solely for your bracelets! I have a few of these old tape measures that I have been saving for years, knowing that one day I would want (need) them! I also have tons of old wooden thread sppols and buttons. Why didn't I think of this?!! Glad that you did and thanks for sharing! I think a few of my sewing friends will be getting these as gifts. Great job!

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