Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

This hasn't been a bad week for Margie.  We just repeated a lot of things over & over.  And she kept saying, "I've never had that before", "I haven't eaten that in a long time," or "I've never seen that before."  For example, Glenn took her to Rocco's for lunch on his day off & ordered a Canadian bacon & pineapple pizza.  She probably hasn't eaten it often, but that's Glenn's favorite so I know she's eaten it with us before.  But she said, "I've never had a pizza with pineapple on it before."  Then they had this conversation:

M:  Glenn, look at that picture on the wall... it's moving!
G:  Mom, that's a TV.
M:  Oh, really?

It's a good thing Glenn wasn't home this morning.  First of all, I was watching country music videos while I was folding clothes.  I try to watch CMT only when Glenn's not here 'cause he really, really doesn't like country music.  That's the first reason.  The second is because this new video came on & I started bawling. The embed option is disabled so you'll have to go to YouTube to watch it.

1 comment:

Dawn said...

I'm bawling, too.
Reminds me of my mama.

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