Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blog Catch Up -

 I love fall... this is only one of the reasons why.  I can eat Happy Apples for Sunday night dinner!  I went to our church's ladies retreat this weekend.  Karen & I came back last night because her husband had to leave on a business trip today.  Even though it was cut a little short it was a great weekend!  We hiked up to the cross.

 I don't think Sandy was planning on going but we talked her into it.  And on the way she ran into a girl that she knew growing up!  The girl works at the camp now & invited us into her home.  This was her view off the back deck --  isn't this incredible?  I don't think I'd ever get anything done.  I'd just sit on the deck & admire the beauty of God's creation!
 Even though my birthday isn't for 2 more weeks I already got my gift.  Glenn wanted me with him when he bought it & last week was our only time this month to go shopping together.  So... here it is -- a new grill!  A real one, big enough to cook everyone's food at the same time.  :-)  The HOA stained our fence last week, too, so it looks nicer now.
And while I was gone the newest issue of Somerset Memories arrived with one of my projects.  It's actually mislabeled.  This is really a page from my Thanksgiving journal from last year, not an altered cabinet card.
Since I got in so late last night I slept a little late & picked up Margie for the late service at church.   So we went out to eat at Panda.  Mechele joined us & brought me a bag of broken jewelry -- one of my favorite gifts!  Then we went to Annie's Attic for the vintage sale and look what I found.  I think my mom had this mold.  Does it look familiar to anyone?  (I didn't touch it.  lol....)
Forgot to mention that I won a basket at the ladies retreat raffle.  A perfect one for us.  Now we can have game night.  It also came with a popcorn bowl, microwave popcorn, & lots of chocolate candy.
Come back to the blog tomorrow for a big announcement!


onemotherslove said...

AAHHHH!!!!! Did you buy the frog for your dish scrubber????

heidi said...

I love the cross photos; I want to live with eternity and what Jesus did for me at the cross as my focus. I'm thankful for His love and mercy!
~Hugs, Heidi

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