Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thankful for Sundays

Here's a cute TG craft that a friend's son made at school last year.  Ya know we always have to turn our hand into a turkey every year... no matter how old we get.  :-)  The yellow paper is supposed to be an ear of corn and the kids painted fingerprints on it for the kernels.  I think one of the younger girls did that one.

Also, I forgot to tell you something that happened to us Friday night.  Many of you know that our cat goes in & out.  When she wants to come back inside she "knocks" on our door -- picking at the bottom of the screen door so it pops in & out.  (She has us trained well.)  So we were sitting around watching a movie Friday night with our doors open because it was so HOT that day and we heard the door rattling.  Glenn got up to open it for her and all I heard was "Oh, my goodness.... it's a raccoon!!!"  Yes, a raccoon was trying to open our screen door!  Scary.  We're keeping it locked from now on.  He didn't run away when we went outside so Jo grabbed a camera & made Glenn go out and take a picture.


Grandpa said...

Bandit was looking for the cookie jar!

Anonymous said...

Be very glad it was not a black kitty with a white strip down it's back!!!

LOVEmomma <))))><

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