Sunday, July 27, 2008

What We've Been Eating

Lauren decided to cook dinner for us one night this week. She saw a recipe in a magazine, went shopping by herself, came home, and made this -- Spinach Brie Chicken. I think I need to start using my Fiestaware again. This looks a little pale on the white plate.

Another night we had Jordi's favorite, macaroni and cheese. I like a lot of pepper on mine!

And here are some of my tomatoes. I've had a heaping handful of grape tomatoes every day. They're really sweet and I like them even better than the big ones. I may have a tomato sandwich for dinner tonight!

I also listed a few more trim packs in my shop before leaving on our vacation. I loved this red pom pom fringe.

Then I added some tags and supplies in this cute little box:

The washing machine has been going all day and my suitcase is packed. Tomorrow I'll go to work, run a few errands, and go to bed early! I probably won't post again 'til we get back. Hopefully we'll have some good photos of DC for you.

1 comment:

Pipesville said...

I would have loved the brie spinach chicken stuff and the mac and cheese with salad, unfortunately, I never get to try things like that because of the extremely picky eaters at my house. They seem to think that if it isn't deep fried then it isn't worth eating. They also said "EWWWW" to the brie and spinach. Boys....(deep sigh).

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