Thursday, July 31, 2008

Washington, DC - Day One

No pictures. But we'll have some great ones to blog when we get back!

The weather? Hot and HUMID!!! I think Califiornia weather has spoiled us.

Angie, remember when I told you that we weren't going to stay in town as long as Matt? Well, we almost did! We rode the train in from Gaithersburg. Left at 8:30 am. We got back to the motel at 9:00 last night.

Glenn's conference didn't start 'til 7 so he rode in with us in the morning. He had seen some things on his last trip, but not the Air & Space Musuem. So we went there first. We met Matt P. there. He had flown in on the red-eye and caught the bus to the mall. After that he went to the Portrait Gallery & we walked with Glenn to the Capitol.

Glenn had to leave but the girls and I did a tour of the Capitol -- amazing!!! Then we found this cute little French cafe and had a sandwich and iced coffee. Then the Library of Congress for one of my favorite things of the day -- Thomas Jefferson's personal library!!! I was really tempted to sneak a photo, but they weren't allowed. We did the East Building of the art museum next and saw some paintings that were on Lauren's list and a whole section of small French paintings which I preferred. Tomorrow we hit the West Building for Jordann's favorites. There weren't nearly as many people in the art museums as the air & space!

We thought about going back to the hotel 'cause we were tired. Instead we went to McD's for a 32oz soda (thought of Lynne) and decided to visit all the monuments. Wow! Great. I can't believe we walked so far.

I'm running out of time now. I'll try to post again tonight or tomorrow morning.


Grandpa said...

Sounds like lots of fun.

Pipesville said...

Lynne says that unless that 32oz'er is unsweet iced tea with extra lemon, she is not interested.

onemotherslove said...

I remember Lynne ordering, "Jumbo tea with lots of lemon." I'm jealous you saw Kermit & couldn't take a picture for me!

Anonymous said...

We can hardly wait to see all your pictures!

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