Thursday, July 24, 2008

CSST Christmas in July is here!

It's really warm today and doesn't feel much like Christmas.  But I finally got most of my items listed in my Etsy shop.  There are a few I haven't photographed yet but I don't think they'll make it in by tomorrow.  I actually started listing last week because I knew I would be working this week & not have much time to list on Friday.  The vintage Christmas crafting supplies have been selling well.  I've already sold most of the lots I made up.  The one above was left and I just listed these:

Most are little goodies we collected through the year at estate sales and craft stores.  Then I've been making these little trim packets for those who just need a little bit.  Isn't this fabric great???  I love it!  I'll have more of these later in the year.  Gotta start packing for vacation now.

And, of course, TAGS!!!  I love tags.

We're leaving Tuesday for our family vacation in DC.  I was telling Glenn it's been a LONG time since we went on a vacation where we were staying in a hotel instead of with family or someone we know.  He's going because of a conference but he'll get a little sightseeing in.  The girls and I have THREE WHOLE DAYS of sightseeing.  Let me know if you think there's something we absolutely have to see.  Our plan is to spend a whole day in the Smithsonian museums, one day visiting all the monuments, and another going to the Library of Congress, White House, Capitol, and National Archives.  A lot, huh?  We probably won't actually go inside anywhere -- except we all really, really want to see the library!  And of course, the museums.  Anything else we missed?

Then I'll be working overtime the week after filling in for someone at work - no Tuesday off.  Tuesday, August 19 is CVHS registration.  I volunteered.  Gotta start the high school years off right!  And the 26th is Jordi's first day in high school.  Lauren will already be away at college by then.  Maybe we should celebrate with a craft day at my house?  And someone should bring their Zutter?  lol...


Grandpa said...

Have fun and post pictures if you have time. We will do the same from Mississippi.

Heidi ( said...

Hi Ann!
Your Christmas shop is wonderful! I love everything you've put together.

Have a fun vacation...wave to my sister (one of them!) she lives that way!

And your DD is at college already? How'd I miss that? And HS starts so soon? Oh MY! My Jess only has 3 more weeks til she begins her senior year at Corban! OH MY! Where does the time go when it sneaks by us so quickly?

Enjoy your vacation!!!!!!!!!!!

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