Thursday, January 17, 2008

Getting closer... figuring out how to do my banner. See my new Valentine banner? I made it myself and it almost fits. ;-) These are some paper flowers I made for Valentine's Day. I listed some kits in my Etsy paper store. I also have some kits with the Scrabble letters. And stay tuned for more -- I have more Valentine/love crafty supplies that I need to clear out.

I got this cute postcard in a vintage paper swap that I was part of. I haven't done any swaps since before Christmas. Just haven't had time with work & the house & the kids.

Gotta go... my clothes are dry, then I have to pick up the girls from school and softball practice!


Heidi ( said...

Lucky you...I used to love to watch Jessica play sports (mostly basketball, but also softball, vollyball and soccer!). I like your new banner, you're doing great with the banner. I'm practicing making mine...for the day AOL lets us put up our own instead of selling the add space!

I love your paper flowers, I have the set you sent me in my craft/sewing room.


Alison Gibbs said...

Love those flowers.

Dawn said...

If you want to lose the border on the banner, match the color of the border to the background color...and it will disappear.
Same thing happened to me.
I like the border, but the fact that it was a little off was bothersome to me.
Down side to doing that would lose the borders on the photos in your posts as well.
Maybe a techie type will rescue you with a better fix. And if that happens, let me know!
Cute flowers, BTW.

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