Friday, January 18, 2008


Another Friday and another trip to Home Depot and El Torito -- without Lauren. She's had something to do the last two Fridays. We're practicing for when she goes to college in the fall! And she was accepted this week by New Tribes Bible Institute. That's the same school I've told you about before. The only difference is they moved her to the Jackson, Michigan, campus instead of Wisconsin. I guess the other one was full. This weekend she is going to Tijuana with the rest of the Senior Staff and adult leaders for the spring break mission trip. I should have some photos to share with you when she gets back. Meanwhile, here are a few I don't think I've shown you.

Here's a picture of a scarf I made for a coworker. I didn't have time to set up my mannequin so I just took a photo in the bathroom.

And I think this is still one of my favorites.

We bought paint and flooring tonight for the bathroom. I can hear Glenn upstairs now making a lot of noise. Guess I'll go see what he's doing.

And, thanks Dawn for giving me an idea on how to make my banner fit. How does it look now?


onemotherslove said...

Hey, nice banner! Daddy will be glad he can see your most recent post sooner! : ) My neck sure is warm right now in a pretty wavy scarf!!!

Grandpa said...

I like the "dummy" you used for the first picture! And the smaller banner!

fwfd1114 said...

I thought what happened in Tijuana stayed in Tijuana?

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