Monday, January 21, 2008

Our Weekend Project

Here's how we spent our weekend. I wish I'd taken a before photo. I might have one from when we moved in. Anyway, the bathroom was a minty green color with white cabinets and vinyl tiling. The previous owners had put a very intricate molding on that kind of overwhelmed such a small space. We wanted something a little more modern so since the toilet leaked last week and we needed to replace the floor anyway we thought we'd just go ahead and redo the bathroom.

Who does this photo look like?

We finished the paint, floor, and molding. I'm about to go back to Home Depot and buy the medicine cabinet/mirror and counter top. Then I'm going to pick up Lauren. She just called from the San Diego airport. Oh yeah, I have to go buy new towels now, too. Our towels look old and dingy now in the "new" bathroom. :-)


Alison Gibbs said...

Wow that bathroom sure is starting to look wonderful. It's fun to makeover a room, any room.

onemotherslove said...

Wow, Lauren looks just like you from the top! Once your jawline is visible, though, it goes away! Post more pictures when you get more done! Did you see the washtub I got?

Anonymous said...

Hey, that first picture looks like your older daughter!! The second, I could tell it was AC.
Next time we are out I will have to tackle the stairs and see your "new" bathroom.

Heidi ( said...

This is exactly what we should be doing to our bathroom! We need a new floor, new cabints, new light, new mirro (which is on my workshop table being painted now), new toilet, new shower fan...the WHOLE thing! And, I too thought that was your that you?

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