Friday, August 17, 2007

F is for Family and Friends

My sister asked and, yes, I'm blogging through the alphabet with Bella Dia. We were supposed to make it through the alphabet in August but I think everyone is behind. F is first of all for Family -- most of my family can be found over in the right column. Someone in each family blogs and we keep up that way. In my immediate family Glenn is planning a blog related to work, L does MySpace & Facebook, and all J does online is play games.

So the photos for today are my girls and their friends. Here's the SENIOR with one of her friends. She's spending the weekend with friends -- babysitting tonight and going into the city tomorrow to a museum and Chinatown. Maybe she'll share her photos next week.

And here's what the "Senior in Middle School" does with her friends. She's also spending the evening with friends. Her small group from church is having a pizza party. Neither is going to the many "High School Musical 2" parties around!

Can you tell which one is her? :-)

1 comment:

Lanedesigns said...

Cute photos.
My daughter and I had a great Mom and daughter time watching the HSM2 movie. It was cute.


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