Saturday, August 18, 2007

G is for Games

We have a closet full of games. I didn't take a photo of that since it's so dark in there. Our favorite right now is Big Boggle! Found it at a local thrift store. I think it cost 50c. I brought it home and found that they were ending on eBay around $25.00! So we thought we'd play it once before we sold it. It was soooooo much fun, we still have it. It's like Boggle but has a 5x5 grid instead of 4x4.

I've also been adding to my collection of vintage game pieces. So far the Bingo pieces & Scrabble letters are the only things I've used in my collages. But look at what else I've found!

Oh, yea, I've used some of the poker chips, too. Any ideas on what to do with the rest of the pieces? I keep the items above in my crafts closet. But some of the pieces I display. Bingo numbers & markers:

Scrabble & Rummikub tiles:

Oh, wow, the lighting in that last photo really shows the fingerprints! Sorry 'bout that. Looking at these brings back memories of those competitive Clue & Monopoly games we've had at family get togethers! And what was that other game we used to play on January 1st where we had to guess the colors & the order? I can't remember.

Have fun playing and crafting this weekend!


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Grandpa said...

Do I remember playing clue?

Anonymous said...

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