Thursday, August 16, 2007

E is for Etsy

No photos today... I'm on a different computer again. My sister and I are having a great time on Etsy. It's a lot more fun than Ebay. I'm even thinking about closing down my Ebay store after Christmas and just doing Etsy. Especially since I started another part time job.

I'm working in a doctors office in the mornings. Just doing clerical stuff -- filing lab reports, preparing charts, etc. It's pretty boring. I can't believe I'm making so much doing this. But from what I've heard from people in this office, my last office, and Glenn, it's hard to find someone who can file things in the right place! LOL...

So, my creative side comes out at home. :-)

1 comment:

onemotherslove said...

So are you going to blog your way through the whole alphabet?

E is also for enabler... Go see what Grandpa's been doing with David!

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