Wednesday, August 15, 2007

D is for Designing with Words!

Here are a couple of our projects from last week. I love decorating with words! Not only my collages & paper crafts, but also our house. "Eat" is in our kitchen -- notice I just photographed from the window up. The sink was full of dishes. "Tatum" is in our living room. I didn't mean for them to be finished but this is as far as we got. But everyone has liked them like this! (Notice the little tin man climbing the A? Jordann made that.)

The apron giveaway drawing was today! The winner has been contacted and I'll post who it was as soon as I hear back from her. Thanks to everyone who participated. I'm going to do it again when I find -- or make -- something else to give away.

1 comment:

Tautchia said...

Love your letters!

I sent you an email!

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