Friday, June 29, 2007

In Texas

Well, I remembered to bring my camera... but forgot to bring the cord. So I'll post pics of the cutest neice & nephew in the world when I get home. 'Til then you can see them here. I'm scanning a lot of OLD family photos while I'm here, too. So I may post a few or upload them to my Flickr account.

So far I've eaten Mexican food, gone with the neice & nephew swimming and to the movie for the first time, gone shopping with the sister & sil (1 antique mall, 2 scrapbooks stores, a thrift store, and a teacher's store that was going out of business), got wet from the rain, and babysat my sister's kids. SE left the little one with me for the first time! Never had a bottle. And she didn't tonight either. She's asleep already.

Tomorrow night I'm 'babysitting' my brothers kids. If you can call it that... his youngest is cooking dinner for us while I watch sil's new DVD set of 'That Girl.'

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