Sunday, July 01, 2007


Daddy has a card reader that my camera's card would fit into so he downloaded photos for me. Here's E-bees. We're doing our best to spoil her rotten! :-)

Here's the little man, mowing the yard with Grandpa. The swarms of mosquitos around him didn't show up in the photo. They were BAD!!! I can't believe how green it is. When I get back home I'm going to take a photo of our hills and show you how dead the grass is.

Last night I 'babysat' Jeff's kids. Jesse wanted to cook for me. He made some SPICY jambalaya! Wow!

The other kids sat on the couch and played Mario. The BIG kids are off in other parts of the world for the summer -- Peru & Thailand. Both on mission trips.

Texas has HUGE, UGLY bugs!!!


Anonymous said...

Everything's bigger in Texas. Unfortunately that includes bugs.

Grandpa said...

The bugs are Jeff's birthday present. They hatch out each year on his birthday.

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