Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tijuana - Wednesday at the Refuge for the Elderly

Sorry I didn't get these up as soon as I thought. Been busy crafting with Lauren. G'pa asked about electricity. I think all the people in our neighborhood (Cumbres) has electricity and running water. I'm not sure about the sewer system, though. There was a gutter than ran down the center of most of the streets that looked like it was the grey water from the homes. Sometimes it smelled like laundry detergent... other times it smelled MUCH worse!

Wednesday after VBS we ate our lunches on the bus while we travelled over to the refuge for the elderly. Frank started and runs this. He "collects" people who have been abandoned by their families or whose families can't take care of them. Here's the outside of the building.

Our food crew met us there with soup and sandwiches. We served the elderly people then sat around and 'talked' to them. Our construction team also worked there all week. Imagine the worst nursing home you've ever been in and this smelled much worse. Frank loves these people but just doesn't have the manpower to take care of them. They definately wouldn't pass inspection in the US!

They enjoyed listening to the kids sing.

Some of the kids also washed feet.

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