Thursday, April 26, 2007

My First Day Off Work!

Tuesday was my last day of work at the doctor's office and the CPA & bookkeeper haven't set up the new system yet, so I'm currently unemployed. I have a lot planned in the next couple of weeks. Coffee today with a friend I haven't got to talk to in a while, hiking next week, riding the bus with Lauren to DVC & lunch, a trip to IKEA, and maybe a bike ride with Glenn, too.

But, meanwhile, he had to fly back to Texas to be with his mom during surgery. It was this afternoon and everything's fine. She'll come home tomorrow morning if everything continues to go well. So on my first day off I took Glenn to the BART station (he rode it in to SFO) then picked up Lauren at DVC and WENT SHOPPING. She's been in a sewing mood lately and we wanted to find some vintage fabrics. We hit 3 thrift stores, Beverly's, and Staples before coming home. We stayed up late last night sewing and I got a little more in today after coffee. I'll post photos of finished items on our craft blog in a few days, but here's a peek at what we found:

Love that pink stove! And what does this photo below remind you of? It brought back memories for me. he he he

Oh, and I found a website that reminded me of SE & Lynne's garage sale at the old house -- The Farm Chicks!

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onemotherslove said...

Love the fabrics!!! Can't wait to see what you make out of them!

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