Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tijuana - VBS

We're back! We left last Saturday at 5 a.m. and left Tijuana to come home at 5 a.m. Friday. It was a busy trip. We slept a little late Sunday morning (8 a.m.) but every other morning wake up time was 6:30 and lights out was 10.
Sunday morning we had our own Easter worship service, lunch, then each of the 5 VBS teams went to their church to distribute fliers for VBS. There was a light rain and the roads were very muddy & slippery. Yuck. I was very impressed with our kids' ability to communicate with the people there. We had several in Spanish 2 & 3 at school and they did a great job with the language.
Here's the front our the church Lauren & I went to in the Cumbres neighborhood. The wing on the left is the restrooms and the wing on the right is the pastor's home.I took the photo below from the front yard of the church. This is the bus we rode in all week from Rancho Solo to the church. I took this photo from the other side of the bus looking down across the neighborhood.

Here's part of our team riding on the bus. Yes, it was a cozy ride every day -- about 45 minutes each way. They amused themselves by a lot of singing! We also dropped off part of the construction team every day.
Here are the kids doing music. Again, a great job. We started off the week with 40-something kids and ended with 97.
Recreation time was spent in the street outside the church. This is looking up the street to the left of the church. They loved playing football (aka, soccer) and having the boys spin them around. And lots of chasing, tackling, hitting, etc. They're very physical and really loved our guys. I'll blog more tomorrow.

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Grandpa said...

I see electric lines in front of the church but none in the neighborhood across the street. Did they have running water?

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