Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tijuana, Here We Come!

How do you like my sign?
Lauren and I will be leaving along with 92 other high schoolers and 40-something other adults this Saturday morning at 5 am Pacific time. We'll be travelling on 2 charter buses and several rented vans stopping only for lunch and supper.
Sunday we'll be visiting neighborhoods & churches to invite kids to the VBS's that will start on Monday. I think there are 6 groups that will be doing VBS in different places. Then in the afternoons they'll go to different ministries around town: distributing food, construction, elderly center, or prayer. We'll have our own services in the evenings. Maybe visiting a church one night.
There is something new happening this year. We have a couple going to provide dental care. They were both dentists in El Salvadore before moving to the US. We also have a nurse going -- for our own group -- and there are adults going that will be doing construction the whole time and a whole team that will just be cooking for us all week!
I really have an easy job. I'm an adult sponsor for one of the kids' groups so I'll be travelling around town with them. They're doing all the planning & leading but they need adults with them just for safety. So each team has a male & female adult sponsor with them all day.
We won't be able to contact you during the week, but our youth minister's wife will be making updates on the Tijuana Blog.
Oh, that reminds me, too... Lauren created a blog with info for her Peru trip this summer.

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