Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create Party 2011 - The Evolution of a Craft Room

The right side of my room.  The shelf unit from IKEA holds my books, cigar
boxes full of supplies, baskets, frames, & other projects waiting for me.
I stage the top with items going into the next RWAP sale.  Large items on
back wall are waiting for the next parking lot sale.  The small basket on
the floor is handy for taking projects from room to room.
 I've been looking forward to this party.  Karen Valentine, from **My Desert Cottage**, hosts this blog party every year.  I love to see how everyone stores their supplies and makes room in their homes for crafting & blogging.  

You may want to check out my craft "room" last year.   Not much room in my "room".  But since then I've moved into my now-married daughter's old bedroom.  She just left last week after a month long visit so it hasn't quite been restored yet.  
Right side, jewelry desk.  Left side, sewing/paper crafts desk.  Bulletin
board holds old necklaces that I'm going to repurpose. Glenn put the
peg board up when this was his music room but it's great for storage.

So, decision time... do I clean my room and show you how it should be?  or do I let you see the real deal?

I decided to be real with you.  This is my craft room without any changes to it.  Sorry about the dark photos.  The room is pretty dark & I wasn't using my daughter's good camera for these.  :-(

These are the two "partner desks" I mentioned in an earlier post.  The one on the left is a basic IKEA desk.  I try to keep it semi-clean so I can sew or lay out projects on it.  The right one was bought at a garage sale but has drawers.  It's my jewelry desk.
 This is what my jewelry desk looks like.  This is pretty normal.  I don't ever clean it.  People ask me how I find time to be creative or where I get my ideas.  This is my secret.  I just buy stuff that I like and leave it out on my desk.  Sometimes I'll see things laying next to each other that I never would have thought about putting together.  It's also easy to go work on something when I just have a few minutes.  I am very thankful that my hubby let's me use this space!
 I buy unique boxes & baskets when I find them, too.  This one was once a drawer from an old sewing machine.  I keep my measuring tapes, chains, and other trims in it now.

My Dremel stays out on my desk, too. One of my favorite Christmas presents from last year!
And since my hubby is now a blogger I'll show you where he is creative, too.  Here's his blog.  He's a musician so he has a different kind of mess than I do.  He was using the extra bedroom upstairs but decided that I needed it more.  And he likes to work downstairs with us.  So we fit him into the awkward area under the stairs.  He likes maps & globes so I've been collecting them to decorate his space.  I made the map collage on the right.  BTW, there are two desks here, too, facing each other.  You can see the back of our family iMac on the right.  The shelf unit is the same one from IKEA that I have in my room.  Just a different color.  There's usually either a ukelele or a keyboard sitting on the top of it.  Don't know where it was that day. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing how my creative space changed since last year.  I expect it to be much different next year, too.  I already have some ideas and plan to be at the "Where Bloggers Create 2012."  Come back then to see how the room has evolved through the year.  But don't wait until next year to come back for a visit.  Follow my blog through Google or email, follow me on Pinterest, "like" me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter.  Take some time and visit all the other blogs in the party, too.  Thanks for reading!!!


Ayesha said...

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Clever Karen said...

Your jewelry desk looks like mine! Glad to see that I'm not the only one that leaves tons of stuff out looking for inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I like that you showed us your space as it truly is :) It is very cozy and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing!


marie said...

Well, first I was distracted by your Etsy shop and then I had to visit you on Pinterest ~ finally I've been able to peek at your creative space!
It's a great space and you make really wonderful things!

Thanks for sharing!!

Sarah said...

I love the real deal - I can never quite get things to be perfect because I am always messing it up when I create. Great pics!! I love my dremel too!

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Great space Ann. I can see where all your wonderful creation comes from with all those goodies on your table.
Have a wonderful weekend and let me know about the swap ;o)

Rebecca said...

Fabulous my friend. I also have to say your Etsy shop is FAB!


Thank you for visiting me... Blessings as you CREATE WITH JOY~


bertie said...

hi Ann...I love that you are real and show the space in the midst of your creating...none of us keep a clean desk if we are busy! I also really love your creations...thanks for sharing your space and your talent. Hope you will stop by and say hello at my studio soon! bertie

Claudia said...

Great space and how nice that you get to work together!

Jo said...

It's lovely that you both have spaces to create in! Thanks for the tour.

Karen Valentine said...

I think it's looking wonderful already and I can't wait to see the changes next year! I took over my son's room when he left. It's so nice to be able make a mess and leave it if I want too! Thank you so much for joining the party and have a great week!

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Your spot speaks for itself. Creative activity takes place here. It is a call to create. It is wonderful and lovely. Enjoy it art friend! *smiles* Norma

Terri said...

Lovely space to create..also I like the measure tape chokers you have created and share in the other post ...very clever! TFS!!!

Tamatha said...

That's really great you kept it real for us! Thanks for the tour and for visiting my blog too. Have fun working on your new craft room!

Maggie said...

thanks for the tour. i just became a follower because i love your jewelry and etsy shop!!


Valery said...

Great inspiration with all those treasures on the table. Thanks for the inspiration!

Creative Grammie said...

Great creative space you've got there. I love your vintage jewelry.
Thanks for sharing your space with us and thanks for sharing your artwork with us too.

Nook & Cranny said...

Love your creative space, specially love your jewelry.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a great weekend.

Rita Barakat said...

I lvoe that you left your room as is! SO many wonderful treasures in there!

Something Special said...

Oh I love your studio, and it kind of reminds me of me. All I need to complete is a large apothecary jar and a dress mannequin. I love your studio and your ideas. Beautiful


Oh, you had me at your blog header!!! LOVED it!
Your space is awesome. How cool is that, that both you and your hubby blogs and each of you have a work space of your own. My hubby's space is the garage and the backyard and the shed...LOL
Anyway, thanks for sharing and keeping it real. I'll be back to check out you etsy shop! You do gorgeous work!

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