Monday, July 18, 2011

July at Room With a Past

 I'm on vacation but I've scheduled a few blog posts for while I'm gone.  I'll be in Texas visiting family, sightseeing, and doing a little junquing with the girls of the family.  I'll post some photos when I get back.

The first official day of my vacation was busy.  Since I won't be here next week I had to have my space in the Room all set up.  Jordy helped me.  She's great at staging and photographing my stuff.  The photos on this post are from my iPhone.  Her's are much better... I probably should have waiting for her to upload them.

Then we went by & walked with some ladies from my office for the Walnut Creek Relay for Life.  After that we did some other errands & picked up Margie.  She was having a good day... just kept repeating herself.  This will be the first time since she's been out here that we've all been gone at the same time.

 Remember this 'thing' I bought in Berkeley?    I told ya I'd be using it.  It was almost too wide for my shelf but we got it in there.
 Lots of blue this month.  I'm really liking turquoise for summer.

Wow, I just noticed that it looks like my tags are coming off.  If any Roomies read this, would y'all go by my shelf & stick them down for me?  Thanks!
 What's left of the rhinestone bracelets after my custom order last week.
 I sewed up some little packets full of shells and named them after local beaches that we've been to.

 Blue books, shells, and a measuring tape cuff.  Wish you could see the photo of the girl in the vintage swim suit in the candle holder!  I like books with unique and fun titles!
I love numbers, too.  Have a few more packs of 1938 playing cards and measuring tape.

That flower on top is missing already... it showed up in Jordy's hair after we left.  :-)  Her payment for helping me set up.

And a big thanks to Deb for filling in for me at the sale next week!!!

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