Sunday, May 29, 2011


We also went to Petaluma this week -- another of my favorite places to visit.  It's a great place for me and Glenn to go together.  He can ride while I shop.  But since it rained the whole time we were there he ended up shopping with me.

Since it was cold & rainy, we were looking for a place to eat soup but found the Petaluma Pie Company instead.  They have both sweet & savory pies.  I had a spinach & onion hand pie.  Glenn had a cheeseburger pie.

 And they're such cute little sizes!

I'm going back with Jordy in July.
 There are several antique stores that I like.  We found this, the biggest card catalog cabinet I've ever seen, in one of them.  I think the store is Chelsea's?  It's on the main road about half a block down from the old bank.
 This was from the same shop.  They had some HUGE pieces!
 And one more from that shop.  I took this for SE.  It's an old incubator!  They had a photo from a magazine laying on top that showed one of these used as a kitchen island.
 Vintage Bank Antiques is the shop that first attracted me to Petaluma.  I think we were driving through to go to the beach or cycling somewhere the first time I saw it.  It's a huge old bank building that is now full of antiques.  Just as much fun to look at the building as the things they're selling!

This was in the vault (bars and thick vault door are all  still there).  This light fixture was 10 feet wide!
Here's part of the wall & ceiling.

The last shop we went to is my favorite -- Summer Cottage Antiques.  It's a completely different feel from the other two shops & much more affordable.  I am always about to find something to include in my jewelry there.

This time I got to meet the owner, Michelle, and found out that her cabin in Tahoe is included in the book Romantic Prairie Style.

She had her copy there so I got to look through it.  It's a gorgeous book.  Most places are sold out already but she said they're doing a second printing and she should have some by the July 12 book signing when the author, Fifi O'neil, will be there.

I'm going back with Jordy... anyone want to go with us?


Anonymous said...

We do! A & E

Into Vintage said...

I am so homesick for Northern Ca...! I haven't checked out Romantic Prairie Style yet but now that I know a Tahoe (one of my favorite places on earth) cabin is in it, I must see! -amy

PS Sorry to clutter your comments with this but would you please contact me via email? I could not find an email address for you on your blog and have a couple questions for you. Thanks!

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