Saturday, May 14, 2011

May Flowers -- Part 1

I shared some new flowers that I was making on Facebook.  But I still haven't finished any pins or headbands with them.  Maybe later, but they won't make it in time for this month's sale.  Very appropriate that the theme this month is flowers.  :-)

Here are a few of my wide headbands.  These are my favorite in looks, but I can't wear the wide ones.
 So I found some EXTREMELY thin headbands and added smaller, more colorful, flowers to them.  I think these would be really cute on a little girl... or Jordy.  She always looks good with flowers in her hair!
 And if you like GIANT flowers, how about this one?
 Here's an option if you don't want it in your hair.  This one is actually attached to the beads but you could take a hairclip or pin and add it to a necklace.
Another place to wear a flower -- your wrist.

I'm taking all these over to Room With a Past today to set up for next week's sale!  Hope to see you there!

And I'll have some more flower photos to share tomorrow.

1 comment:

sewmeow said...

They're great! I like the idea of the real narrow headbands too.

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