Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

 I thought I'd celebrate Mother's Day by sharing some of my favorite photos of my mom.  You'll see that hardly any of my favorites are formal shots.  We're not a very formal family.  But most of the shots are when we were having lots of fun together with family.

I think one of the grandkids put this sticker on her.  May not seem too funny now.  Guess you had to be there.  We all thought it was hilarious!
 Not sure how old she was here.  She always told us how her mother tortured her by curling her extremely straight hair!
 Jordy must have gotten some of her musical talent from Granma.
 On one of their visits to Clayton.
 My mom LOVED her grandkids!!!
 She was here for my & Jordy's birthday when we got Rock Band.  I don't remember if we ever talked her into playing or not.
 This was the time we went up for Christmas right before she died.  We had been discussing the "correct" way to make chicken and dumplings so she showed us how.  Nobody makes 'em like Momma.
 The annual family photo.  Everyone but Will was there.  So the kids drew a picture of him on a piece of paper and Andy held it up so he wouldn't be left out.

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Anonymous said...

Love the picture of your momma and daddy walking....

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