Monday, May 16, 2011

Get Ready...

 Jordy helped me set up at Room With A Past on Saturday.  Glenn dropped us off, picked up his mom, got something to eat, then came back to pick us up.  Margie wanted to come in to see what I'd done.  Here's part of her next to my shelf.  Sorry I didn't get a whole picture!  I was trying to take pictures of my space & didn't even realize she was in it.

After that we took her to Walgreens to get some things.  She seemed to be having a good day, at least mentally.  She was coughing a lot.  We thought it might be allergies but got her some cough drops.  Glenn had also gone by to see her Friday.

We had commented on how well she seemed to be doing.  But.... Sunday afternoon she called me to tell me that "they" had moved everyone again.  She said she'd been gone for a few days and hadn't been able to call because the phone wasn't working.  I told her we were there the day before to see her.  "Really?" -- this is becoming a very common answer to many of our questions.

I reassured her that she was in the same place and Glenn knew where she was.  "How does he know that?" was her answer.  I told her that Glenn would probably call or come by the next day.  "Good.  Maybe one of these days he'll come to see me."   lol...  We can only laugh.  He did go by to see her this morning.  She was still confused & doesn't remember anything we did this weekend.

 So... on to a more cheerful note.  I thought I'd share some jewelry photos with you.  I took this one out of my Etsy shop and put it in Room With a Past for this weekend's sale.
This is one of my favorites and is still in my Etsy shop.

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