Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Momma Loved To Sew, Part 2

 I love working with a theme when I'm getting ready for the Room With a Past weekend.  Since this is our sale before Mother's Day I decided to mix the holiday and my love for vintage sewing supplies and make "Momma Loves To Sew" my theme.

You can see a couple of my favorite necklaces in my new header.

Here are my  bracelets.  Most are made from measuring tape
 This is a new design this month.  I made two and Kristi already bought one for her grandmother who is in the hospital.   It's great for people who have trouble with the lobster clasps.  This one is velcro which is hidden behind the big vintage button. 
 This seems to be one of everyone's favorites.  :-)  The beads are from an old pair of clip on earrings -- I think Jana gave me these.  I love it when people give me old or broken jewelry. Sometimes it sits around for months before I figure out the best way to use it.  But it always inspires me.  Thanks, Jana!
 I've had these buttons for a while.  I think I got them at a local estate sale.  It's unusual for me to find so many matching buttons.  
 This was a fun one to make.  Took a while, but fun.  On my last trip to Texas my dad took me to some antique malls in Cleburne.  It was REALLY cold and most of the antique malls there only heat/cool the office and cashier area.  So the third floor of the first shop we went into was almost unbearable!  Daddy decided to stay in the car for the second shop... which was much smaller, but just as cold.  I tried to hurry through but still saw the "biggest bag of vintage buttons EVER"!  I may be using these for years!
 I also found a bag of old wooden spools.  I had made a Christmas garland out of them but something wasn't quite right about it & I ran out of time to work on it before Christmas.  So I still have them.  Several have now become necklaces!

Another great gift for the seamstress in your life.  :-)
 And then there's this little cutie... may be my favorite!  I think about quilting when I see this one but Jordy pointed out that it's Peter Pan's kiss!  I'm going to look for some acorn charms to add to them in the future.  Wouldn't that be cute?

Although last month I showed this to a girl (around 10) in the shop & she didn't know what Peter Pan's kiss was.  I guess kids don't read Peter Pan anymore.  :-(
 OK, every time I pick up another necklace I think it's my favorite.  Maybe no one will buy anything this month & I can keep it all & wear it myself.  lol...

Another button from the "biggest bag of vintage buttons EVER".  I love the shape of this one.  And there's one tiny little rhinestone in the middle of the scissors.
More buttons...  told ya!  I tried to find matching or at least close for these but part of the beauty is the uniqueness of each button.

That's all for today.  I'll show you some of the collages I made for Mother's Day tomorrow.  And maybe even share some of the other spaces at Room With A Past.

(BTW, I'm going to try to list some of the things that don't sell in my Etsy shop next week.  Or, you can just ask me if you see something you like.)

Oh, and what do you think of my new blog header?


Anonymous said...

Love your new blog header! Your pictures are nice and crisp too... looks great. :) Angie

Sarah said...

These are awesome! Makes me want to go create some jewelry like yours!! BTW, bed springs are awesome! My husband didn't get it until he found out how much money I made on the wreaths!

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