Thursday, April 14, 2011

Antique Alley

 Some of you have asked me what Antique Alley is when I mention it so I thought I'd do a little advertising here.  Antique Alley is a 25 mile long garage sale held every third Friday, Saturday, & Sunday in April & September!  It starts in Cleburne,  Texas, travels across Highway 4 to Grandview then continues on FM 916 to Maypearl.

My dad lives on FM 916 and since my daughter & son-in-law are staying with him they're going to set up shop there.

 So, if you're anywhere near the area go visit them this weekend.  Lauren will be selling my jewelry and  I think my sister and sister-in-law are both bringing stuff over & helping, too.

Hopefully someone will post photos!

If anyone is shopping there look for a pink vintage hat for me!  Or any other spring color.    And skeleton keys, old jewelry, old photographs & cabinet cards... maybe not buttons.  I think I have enough for the next few weeks.
The photos are a few of my non-sewing supplies jewelry that I have at Room With A Past.  So if you're in California you can come shop with me instead of going to Antique Alley!

Unfortunately my manager asked me to start work at 9 so I'll miss coffee this month, maybe next month.

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Jenn said...

I just browsed a bit and so love your blog. All you crafts. And that header photo is awesome! I dropped down to the last Tiny Talk - didn't read everything between, but re-read what we already knew and boy ... it hurts, doesn't it? Anyway. I was by. Looks great. I love the spool necklace. Oh, yah, and just about everything else! ha! Jenn

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