Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ribbet... Look, it's a "Frog Frog"

I think this is my favorite flower frog ever.  I had never seen one in the shape of an actual frog before.

Jordy helped me set up my shelves at Room With A Past again this week.  We're ready for the Thursday night opening.  The store will be opening but we'll be at the high school girls/mothers tea at church!

My bird is also making another appearance wearing a dog tag bracelet.  :-)  I made several of these.

Also, the bracelets that were photographed for the GreenCraft Magazine article have been returned and are on the shelves.  But one has already sold to another consignor!  So I hope they'll go quickly this month.

I made a LOT of bracelets this month.  I think I'll work more on necklaces next month.  Already have a theme idea.... can't tell you yet, though.

 I found these pretty lids at an antique store in Healdsburg last summer.  Kept saving them.  Thought eventually I'd find a jar they would fit.  Still haven't, so now they're photo holders!
 That bottom shelf always causes us problems when we're setting up.  Too tall for most of my items so I added this shelf with lots of frames & collage art.
 Still working on the side of my shelf, too.  Here's what it looks like this month.  Found a long thin frame, stapled hardware cloth inside, & hung my earrings.

I did a little more rearranging today but the photo below kind of gives you an idea of what it'll look like.

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Jenn said...

That's neat! I hadn't read blogs in a long time. And, I just discovered you've been by my new try. Thanks! (Saw you in the stats stuff...I got curious about stats. A dangerous curiosity.) Anyway, I'll have to catch up and see what this shelf is about - in a shop. That's really neat. Love, Jenn

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