Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm Back & Time for Valentine's Jewelry

I'm back!  It was nice to know that some people actually missed my blogging.  lol...  I went to Texas for a week to visit my family.  Still working on those photos so I'll blog them another time.
Junque Necklace, $28.00

I'll tell you all more about the trip when I get my photos edited but one thing that happened while I was there was a really fun shopping day with my daughter and sister-in-law.  We went to downtown Waxahachie for lunch & some antiquing.  Bought a lot & talked a lot.  One of the things that came out of that day is that they decided to sell some jewelry for me.  I'll be putting a package together & mailing it next week.

So, Lynne & Lauren, take a look at these & see if you think any of these designs/prices would do well in Texas.  (They'll be at Room With a Past this weekend so may not be available next week, but I can do similar pieces.)

This is my very favorite necklace this month.  I wore it out to eat before I left for Texas & got some compliments.  It's made with a vintage chandelier crystal & lots of little trinkets & beads that I collected.
Rhinestone Necklace, $42.00

This is probably my second favorite necklace and was lots of fun to make even though it's not really something I would wear myself.  The rhinestone piece is an old brooch & the beads have been repurposed from an old strand.  I wired them individually instead of stringing them.  I like that look.  
Couple Key Necklace, $24.00

This one's a little more my typical style.  But I "valentined" it up a little by wrapping pink & red beads around the skeleton key & adding a little collage piece.
Pink Crystal Necklace, $24.00

Are you noticing a theme?  I have never used this much pink in my projects.  But, Room With a Past is  filled with pink-loving women & I think they're rubbing off on me. lol...

Here's another vintage chandelier crystal, this time a very light pink, with an antiqued silver Eiffel Tower, & another of those old beads.  And, of course, a piece of pink ribbon to finish it off.
Pink Flowers Necklace, $24.00

These are fun necklaces.  The pink enameled flowers were once a pair of earrings!  One pair of earrings had SIX of these flowers.  So far I have 3 necklaces from them.  This one & a couple with only one flower.  They even have a little pink rhinestone in the center.

So girls, let me know which ones you like & if they're still available after the sale this weekend I'll ship them to you along with some others from previous sales.

If you're in the East Bay area, come visit Room With A Past this weekend.  I'll be there working Saturday from 10-2.

And if you're not in the East Bay or near my family in Texas but would like one of these necklaces leave me a comment.  I may be adding some to my Etsy shop if I know there's an interest.

I'll blog some bracelet photos tomorrow.

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