Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

I sat up at Room With a Past today for next week's sale.  The shop will be filled with more Christmas decor & gift ideas.  I had a lot of pink Shiny Brite balls, so PINK is my theme this month.

I also made more French inspired necklaces with fleur-de-lis, Eiffel towers, and rhinestones.  My close up photos didn't turn out too well.  Not enough light in there today.

I also ordered two more "necks" so I'll go in & add those this week.

Jordy had plans with friends today so we took the opportunity to go out to eat breakfast at IHOP and do some Christmas shopping.  We almost finished.  Like I've told you before, we don't buy much for Christmas gifts.  I try to make as much as possible.  But there are a few people that I live with that I make things for all the time that "needed" some store bought things.   And Margie is still saying that she's cold so we bought her some more fleece tops.

And if you need pink Christmas lights to go with Shiny Brite balls I found some at


onemotherslove said...

So are you going to add the pink lights to your shelf? I think it needs some more pink on the other shelves... the bottom looks pink enough, though. : ) Maybe some bright/dark pink ribbons back there with your lace?

Ann Tatum said...

I was thinking about it. But I don't know if they'd get here by Thursday (when the shop opens). But maybe I should go ahead and order & use them for Valentine's day?

Allie's Girl said...

I need you at Under His Wing to do my displays. :) You have so much more creativity & ideas than I do! So cute. Have you checked a Hobby Lobby for pink lights? They usually have lights in all kinds of colors.

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