Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Taking a Break from Thanksgiving

I know, I know... no Christmas before Thanksgiving.  But I had to break my own rule today because this weekend Room With A Past is open and the theme is Christmas!  Jordy & I set up my shelves this weekend.  Here's a jewelry box full of bling for holiday parties. 
 And how do you like my new "necks" for displaying necklaces?  So much nicer than the big tangle of necklaces hanging next to it, right?  I may get more of these.

And there's Jordy, peeking through the beads.
 I almost forgot to take a picture of the side.  Here's what I used the chicken wire for.
 But I think they might be sticking out a little too far.  I went back today & moved all the glass balls up higher.  This may not be there next month.  Here's one of my muslin flowers on a combination pin/clip so you can wear it as a brooch, in your hair, or clipped anywhere you want -- even on the Christmas tree!
  And even though we packed it in I had leftover ornaments -- and lots more at home in the attic we never use anymore.  Jordy's been telling me for a while that I need a bigger space, but I didn't want to pay more rent or deal with the stress of having to fill a big area. But after we set up we started looking around to see what everyone else had done & we saw an empty shelf with a big sign that said, "Available for Nov & Dec."  So... for the next two months I have TWO shelves.  Here's the new one:
It's in the entry way to the tea room so you can see it as you start down the hall.  Everything in it is Christmas except the bottom shelf which is all cookbooks & vintage kitchen goodies.  I don't think I'll keep the second shelf past January.  My goal is to get rid of a lot of my extra decorations & things I've collected so my prices are really low!  I'll be working on Saturday from 11 to 3 so come visit me!

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Flowers said...

Great photos! Love the one of Jordy peaking through. And the scarf brooch is really neat, and original!

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