Tuesday, November 23, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving: In a Nutshell

I really don't know what has happened this month.  But I just haven't been able to get on the computer as often as I was.  And I didn't keep up with the "30 Days of Thanksgiving" very well at all.  At least online.  I have been thankful & been adding to my Thanksgiving notebook, but just haven't been able to get it to my blog.  So I'm sorry for any of you who were participating this year.   I was talking to my sister-in-law this weekend and she said she had been planning to do the 30DoT, too, but suddenly realized that Thanksgiving was next week!  So we joked that we would just do one blog post that would be the 30DoT in a Nutshell.  Well, here it is - in no particular order:

  1. Glenn
  2. Jordann
  3. Lauren & Mark
  4. my parents
  5. my whole family! (The more people I meet the more I'm thankful for my own family!)
  6. my church family
  7. my job family
  8. God - for who He is & for His control
  9. my car
  10. my home
  11. modern utilities - electricity, water, cell phones
  12. music
  13. open spaces/parks/trails
  14. Tuesdays
  15. salvation - life in Christ, peace & joy HERE
  16. the “bad” stuff - rain, disease, loss
  17. the Bible
  18. God’s grace
  19. my friends
  20. Glenn’s job
  21. choir
  22. electronics - computers, Skype, texting, blogs, digital cameras, video
  23. Etsy
  24. Room With A Past & all my new friends from there
  25. NorthCreek Church ministers & staff
  26. Christmas
  27. traditions
  28. food/God’s provisions
  29. freedom
  30. creativity

Of course, there are always more.  This is just 30 that came to my mind.  So... if there's anyone else who wanted to join in but thought it was too late, it's not!  Go ahead and post 30 things that you're thankful for and leave a comment on this post so we can come visit your blog, too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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