Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Most Creative Birthday Party.... EVER!

My Facebook statuses seems to have been causing confusion this week.  We really did start the week with Thanksgiving.  Now that we have a Canadian son-in-law my daughter decided to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the Texas part of the family on Monday.  We wished them all a happy Thanksgiving.  Then we moved on to Jordy's birthday party.  She came up with the theme herself -- to celebrate every holiday in one night!  First was Halloween.  Everyone came in costume.  Kristen made a deviled egg to bring to the party.  :-)
 I came  dressed as a Saints fan and Glenn was a Giants fan.  We took the kids to the Clayton Pumpkin Farm.  Don't worry, Jordy didn't really drive:
What's coming out of the pumpkin's nose?  It's an elf!

Then we came back to the house & the kids hunted the Easter eggs that Glenn hid earlier.  That didn't take them long so they made Valentines while I finished up Thanksgiving dinner.  Sorry, I didn't get pictures of the Easter egg hunt or Thanksgiving dinner -- I was a little busy.  :-)
Then we gathered around the Christmas Birthday tree and opened gifts.  Jo said, "It's just like Christmas, but all the presents are for me."
Jordy made her own birthday cupcakes.  They were a little confused -- Halloween & Independence Day combined.
Here's a few more photos of the kids...

 Had to take this one for SE.  She was with us when we bought these shirts & I don't think she believed anyone would really wear them.  They wrote a song for Jordy's birthday too, but my video won't upload.
Happy Birthday, Jordy!!!

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Jana said...

I love the 'theme'! Fantastic idea! I guess that is your creative side (or Jordy's?) :-) How fun!

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