Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday & I'm Going to Texas

I'm writing this post on the weekend and scheduling it to be posted on Tuesday morning.  So if you're reading this on Tuesday, I'm on my way to Texas today!!!   This has been a strange year for us.  One of the things that's been unusual is not being able to take off time together.  Glenn took his vacation one day at a time -- every Thursday in August -- which turned out very nice for him.  He got some relaxing time on his bike & with his mom (not at the same time... lol) & we did have a couple of days away for our anniversary.  Jordy went to Texas for a week but I couldn't get off because I was filling in for a coworker.  I have next week off but Jordy is already in school.

This is an old picture of Margie's dog, Buddy.  He passed away after she moved out here.  But I've always loved this photo.

After Mark & Lauren moved in with my dad Margie said to me, "I hope the kids have a good time with their dad."  I still think that she knows who she's talking about but she's just getting the words mixed up. She very often introduced me as her sister-in-law, Jordy as her niece, and Glenn as her husband.

One of the residents living with Margie  is 92 but she looks very young.  The resident's daughter came for a visit and Margie asked her if she was her friend's mother.  When she replied no Margie said, "Oh, I thought you were her mother.  She looks so much younger than you."

Margie's roommate is Polish & [supposedly] doesn't speak English.  But whenever her son comes to visit Margie tells me everything they say.
Me: How do you know what they're saying.  Do they speak English?
Margie:  Yes, she can speak English to him but she can't speak English to me.

Happy Tuesday!

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I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Oh, Those Margie stories, for some reason, just warm my heart. What a character! Love her!!! And, I love the picture of her dog. I am sure that they were great friends.

I hope that you are having a wonderful time in Texas. It is always good to get away.

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