Saturday, April 10, 2010

You Are Fit to be the Wife of a --- a King

Here's another tag I made this week.  I love using old photos with phrases I find in old books.  I found some really fun old novels a few years ago on the last day of a library sale.  They were old & falling apart so I have been using them in my crafts.  This is George & Margie's wedding photo.

Jordy noticed that I posted every day this week.  (Actually I posted 2x Tuesday & skipped Wednesday.)  That must be a record for me!

We have a meeting with a home health nurse this afternoon.  Not really sure why...  Will let you know how it goes later.

Glenn & Jo are on their way home from Ikea.  Bought her a dresser.  We'll put it together tonight, let her clean her room & take a picture.


Lisa Super said...

Hi Ann,

Great tag, love the ones from your previous post too! I didnt' see a way to email you so I thought I'd include the flea market info in my comment (you left me a comment asking where there's a local flea). The BEST show ever is Alameda Point in Alameda. It's the first Sunday of every month. I go to church every week so I get up really early, my friend and I are there at 6:30am or so, so I can be at services by 10:50am. Let me know how you like it or if you ever want to meet up!


Suzy said...

MT-FYI..I sewed most the yrs of my life..1 fun special thing:
I would take scraps of favorite/special dresses, ie Senior Prom,etc..put them around foam ball, add fancy pins,lace,whatever..and they make neverending special Christmas ornaments of memories gone by..

Suzy said...

This is the FIRST time I've ever looked at a blog more thing to do!!!!!

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