Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday and an Update on Margie

This has been a weird week.  Some funny things were said but we've had some rough days & sometimes it's been more scary than funny.  Some days Margie acts like a child, some days like a teenagers.

Margie had some stomach problems Friday.  Then Saturday started to feel like she had a bladder infection.  Ended up going to the doctor Monday.  More meds.  But the bp was better.

Saturday, Glenn & Jordann were upstairs putting together Ikea furniture.  I was downstairs vacuuming.  When I came out of the hall I noticed Margie was gone... she was headed up the stairs by herself.  She got in trouble for that one.

Jordy made us some chocolate chip cookies Sunday night.  Glenn went into the kitchen to get some for himself, came back into the living room, and Margie said, "So, where's mine?"  (She's said that a few times when he's eating something.)

Monday morning at breakfast time she microwaved a tea bag... no cup, no water... just a tea bag.  After Glenn helped her make tea, she put salt into it.  BTW, the doctor told her not to salt her food.  But she still sneaks the salt shaker.  After breakfast Glenn went upstairs to do his devotions & he heard a loud grinding noise in the kitchen.  We still don't know what she stuck down the disposal.  But when Glenn walked in she said, "Look, I still have all my fingers."  Then there was the morning that I caught her trying to get her toast out of the toaster with a knife.  She's since been banned from the kitchen!

After returning from the DR visit this afternoon Margie took a long nap.  When she woke up she started talking to the cat:
M: Maowie, I need to go to the bathroom.  Do you know where it is?
I looked over at her & she laughed a little bit so I thought she was joking with me.  Then she got up & started walking toward the kitchen.
M:  Is the bathroom over here?
After dinner she got up to go to the bathroom and started walking toward the front door.

That's a little of our week.  I hope Tuesday's better.

BTW, the photo is Glenn's dad & one of his band members back in the 50s.  (Thanks, Jenn & Marion, for sending the photos.  We've had a good time looking through them & scanning many of them.)


Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed seeing the photos as you've posted them (you're welcome-on sending them to you)- I think the tag you made w/the wedding photo is awesome. Otherwise, some tough stuff going on. When I saw/heard the repeated 'I want some of that' (what she already had on her plate)in November, I knew what we'd been seeing for a while was now serious stuff. It breaks my heart. "PJ" as I call him on the blog just adds to it. You all are on our hearts a whole, whole lot. Love, Jenn & "Dude Sr" as I call him.

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Oh the Margie stories...so sad, but so good to see the humor in a hard situation. You are doing a great job!
Love and prayers,

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