Thursday, December 03, 2009

Jordy's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Jordy makes great chocolate chip cookies! She's in the kitchen right now. Can't wait to get a nice warm one. I may sneak in after I type this and eat a cookie dough ball. :-) She just uses the Tollhouse Cookie recipe on the back of the chocolate chip package. But she said she adds a little extra vanilla. (She didn't say how much... must be her secret.) I never make these cookies myself anymore because Jordy's are so good and she likes making them.


Grandpa said...

She should make some for us this Christmas!

galla15 said...

Those look very yummy!! My mom actually taught me the same trick to add extracts to things you back. It gives them a flavor that is more like made from scratch AND they become more moist too!
If you back a chocolate cake try putting some expresso powder in for extra flavor!!

Anonymous said...

They look very 'round' and gooooood.
I have not yet done a cookie recipe to exchange ... working towards getting there!

:) JEnn

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