Monday, November 30, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Days Twenty-Seven Through Thirty

I haven't been a very good hostess, have I? Most of the other bloggers kept up their daily thanks through the holiday. I've been thankful, I just haven't been blogging. We packed a lot into this four-day weekend. I'm thankful for the many hiking trails in this area and the good weather we have - sun & rain! We hiked Borges Ranch Friday and Lime Ridge on Sunday.
I'm thankful for Glenn:
I'm thankful that he was able to get a new phone that gets email, texts, facebook updates, radio stations, takes pictures... and even makes phone calls! Now we can keep in touch with him all the time.
I'm also thankful for a church that teaches God's Word and reaches out to the community. Saturday afternoon Glenn & I were supposed to help serve a Thanksgiving meal at one of the local churches that we're helping. Turns out that the meals that the volunteers picked up from Safeway weren't hot so we got a call at around 12:30 asking us to help heat up 36 turkeys & all the trimmings by 3:00. Glenn & I deboned the turkeys & sliced them so they'd heat up faster. I think we had all the food there by 3:30.

I'm also thankful for the first Sunday in Advent. Seems like it's closer to Thanksgiving than usual. Saturday after deboning turkeys Glenn & I & another couple decorated the stage. We had a very nice Advent service yesterday. I always love seeing the families come down & light the Advent candles each week. I'm thankful for the new musicians that Glenn has had helping out in the services. Especially the young ones!

I'm also thankful for all the bloggers that have been following the 30 Days of Thanksgiving this year. It's been a blessing to me and I have heard that your posts have been blessing other readers as well. Thank you. Even though this is the last day of November, don't stop giving thanks! ~Talk to you next month!

We ought always to give thanks to God...
2 Thess. 1:3

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