Thursday, November 26, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day Twenty-Six, An International Thanksgiving Day

Since our little girls were off visiting our new son-in-law's family in Canada this week we decided to invite some other kids over. Before dinner our neighbor brought over some Thai-American fusion food -- pumpkin curry. Maybe this was her version of a traditional American food? I forgot to take a picture of it. The kids that ate with us are students at the local college. They're all from Japan & celebrating their first Thanksgiving. All the foods were new to them. I was wondering if they were thinking the same things that I think when I eat my neighbor's food. lol... But they all cleaned their plates and some even went back for seconds. And they seemed very excited when I offered to pack up the leftovers for them.

Gotta have a pic of Glenn's turkey for his brother! After dinner we played some games. Glenn's trying out the camera on his new phone -- a Droid!And of course, had to play a little Rock Band.
I'm thankful for Mark's family taking in my girls on this holiday. And thankful for the opportunity to take in someone else who couldn't make it home.

They tried to teach us some Japanese and drew pictures of themselves on our chalkboard door.
And on the way home from dropping them off we noticed that K-Mart was open so we stopped & did a little shopping. Actually, we didn't buy anything. Glenn was going to buy some trees to fill in places at the church but they weren't on sale 'til tomorrow. I guess we will have to go out & do some shopping on Black Friday.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day!


Anonymous said...

Everyone looks like they are enjoying the moments. That's really very thoughtful of you guys to do that. It'll be something those young people don't forget!
I'm sure the girls are having a good time but that everyone probably misses everyone just a tad, huh? :) Jenn

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

All sounds like wonderful family times!
Just wanted to stop by and send you a belated but heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving weekend!
With Love from the Cabin,
Claudia O.

♥Mimi♥ said...

My gosh, how much fun is that! Spending time with family - quiet and serene or action packed - is an absolute blessing and gift from God.

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