Tuesday, November 10, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day Ten, Creative Abilities & My Nephews & Nieces

My artistic 16-year-old daughter colored these pictures for me last Thanksgiving. I love them. I saved them & they're up on the fridge again this year. Artistic abilities & creativeness just run in our family, I guess. My mom & sister were both art majors and both great at almost every kind of art & craft. My husband & his family have more musical abilities. My girls inherited both!

Now I have to tell you about something else that happened Saturday. On the way home from Pleasanton our driver saw a Christmas boutique & had to stop. We went in & there were some cute things, but the same kind of crafts we've seen at boutiques for 20 years. Things that reminded me of some of the kitschy crafts my grandma did or that some elementary class would make. I guess I was kind of making fun of them when I saw over in the corner this old brush.
I told Angie, "Out of all the things in this room that's the only thing I would buy." She laughed at me. When I saw that the price tag said $1.00 I bought it. I told her it was her Christmas present. Just wait -- I feel challenged. I may just alter this and show it to you again later. And since I have the decoupaged pumpkins in the background I'll tell you about this one:
This is my most recently published craft project. It was in the Somerset Holidays issue this year. The ONLY Thanksgiving project in the whole book! It started off with a paper mache pumpkin from Michael's. I had everyone in my family write what they were thankful for. I copied them and glued them on, too. I added photos & filled in spaces with bits of old text & crackle paint. Then rubbed a little burnt umber paint all over it to age it. And there's a little glitter on it, too.

EVERYONE needs to go read my sister's blog to see what she's thankful for today. I'm soooooo proud of my nephew! Good job, D! I'm also proud of all my other nieces & nephews: Andy, Will, Jesse, David, Elizabeth, Rebekah, Kaitlyn, Travis, Dustin, & Amber.

Also, several of you have asked if you need to add your blog to Mr. Linky every time you post. I don't think so. I think you should add your blog here once and leave a message on my post for the day you post on your blog. I'll try to remember to direct everyone back here for the complete list of blogs. To add your blog or see the other blogs participating in the 30 Days of Thanksgiving, click on the Mr. Linky box at the bottom of my post. If you don't have a blog, just leave me a comment.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the 'new' brush. I love the pumpkin. I really need to get crafty. Got stuff. ... I also need to figure out how you do the "here" link. I keep posting the whole http thing. Hmm. OH, I hope you've been coming by my blog daily. Anyway, Hope you see my 11/7post. I especially loved one of the comments. See ya next time. Jenn

blushing rose said...

The pumpkins are wonderful & so creative. What a nice present for yourself.

Pop over for our TRIPLE GIVEAWAY.
Have a lovely eve. TTFN ~Marydon

♥Mimi♥ said...

That is truly the GREAT PUMPKIN! What a blessing that you will be able to share from year to year - one filled with love and blessings.

molly said...

Ann, I'm so glad you directed me here. I wish I'd started earlier, but I'm trying to keep this short and simple, to get my other projects done. Glad to be along for this ride.

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