Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Keepin' Up With Jordann

Jordann is in Tijuana for the week with the youth group (aka, Flock) from our church.  You can keep up with her here.  No, I haven't heard from her but I wasn't expecting to.  They allowed the kids to take their cell phones with them this year in case of emergency but she decided to leave hers at home since it's brand new.  She's doing VBS in the mornings at a new church so I don't know what it's like.  But I can show you photos of my trip in 2007.  The photo above is where Lauren & I went.   Here's the bus that took us from our dorm to the church every day.  Fun... especially with bus drivers that don't speak English.  (Don't worry, each team has at least one translator and most learned Spanish as a first language.)
Here's our team inside the bus... see Lauren?
Singing in Spanish:
This is the street in front of the church where we had recreation.  No yards or grass anywhere.  I'd never seen so much dirt & dust!
This is on the other side of the street looking over the neighborhood.
Then in the afternoons the kids all go to different ministries around town - elderly home, orphanage, distributing food, construction.  Here's the Refuge of the Elders.  Frank takes in homeless old people that have been abandoned by their families.  Our kids feed them, sing to them, talk to them, clean them & their building, and help with building projects there.

They stay at the base camp at night and have worship services & hopefully clean themselves.  :-)

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