Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Hike on Lime Ridge

What a beautiful day!  Actually, a whole, beautiful weekend.  We started out with a Good Friday service.  We've never had one at our church before so didn't know how well attended it would be.  I was amazed how many people showed up.  It was a simple and very nice service.  No band, just Glenn at the piano.  Several of the elders & staff members read Scriptures.  Then we got up EARLY Saturday and saw Jo & 149 others from our church off to Tijuana.  There are supposed to be updates on the church website but I haven't seen any yet.  I'll post them here when we hear from them.  Meanwhile, no news is good news.  So this afternoon Glenn & I took a hike up on Lime Ridge.  We climbed up to the top on the Clayton side.  See our house?  :-)  Then we walked around the top to the Walnut Creek (West) side.  You can see Ygnacio Valley Road in the photo below.  That's the road I take to get to work every day.  One of the reasons the open spaces are here is to protect endangered species.  I'm just glad to see some land and cows on my way to work every morning.

But we did see an endangered species on our hike today.  I didn't even know that Horned Lizards   live in California!

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Cathy said...

I received your envelop full of papers, etc. the other day. Thanks so stuff!!! :) Your hiking area is GREAT, such pretty views!!!

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