Saturday, April 25, 2009

What's wrong with the cat?!?

Cleaning the house today is like trying to clean with a toddler around!  When I went upstairs to make the bed the cat was already rolled up in the sheets asleep.  I had to pull all the sheets off to wash them & she was jumping on them & biting them the whole time.  Then she jumped back up on the mattress cover before I put the clean sheets on.  I kept pushing her out of the way.  She was laying right in the middle of the bed when I tossed the comforter on so I just left her there.  After several minutes the big lump in the center of the bed slowly moved towards the side & off the edge.  Then she followed me into the bathroom, jumped into the bathtub, & stared at the faucet while I cleaned.  Now to the kitchen.  She's probably under the sink waiting to jump out at me.  That's where I found her yesterday.  Under the kitchen sink with the cabinet doors shut.  Yep, she can now open doors by herself.  She also opened the back gate this week & walked through and she can open the screen doors if we don't latch them.  I think I'm gonna close up the end of that box & ship her to Michigan!


onemotherslove said...

I'm sorry, Sissy, but I think I'm gonna have to argue with you on that first sentence!!! : )

In his youth, Tort used to get on the bed while I was making it, also. I'd put on the fitted sheet with him under it. He'd roll on his back with all 4's sticking straight up in the middle of the bed. Very entertaining. He hasn't done that in a while. How old is Meowy (or however you spell it)?

Cottage In The Sun said...

Maybe it's just spring. Mine are just too lazy to act up!

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